App Actions

Effortless E2E testing for React.

Stop coding tests, start record them. Store results in source control. Tests are entirely implementation details free. Update them only when UX changes.

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High level

App Actions is an abstraction on Selenium to test React apps. It frees you from dealing with the low-level API issues, so you can focus on creating great tests.


Perform the user behavior once; our browser extension generates the test. Just check in the resulting code in your version control system, and you are done!

Pattern-based selection

Selecting elements by CSS selectors is not just a pain, it makes tests go out of date pretty fast. Instead, App Actions select elements by patterns. Default patterns are WAI-ARIA roles, but you can define custom ones.

Low maintenance

App Actions tests are entirely free of implementation details. This way, you only have to touch a test next time when business logic changes. Because tests are defined in YAML format, editing them does not require programming skills.

Designed for scale



Thanks to the under the hood optimization, test running performance will always be faster than the same test written in plain Selenium.

Clear error messages

When a test fails, errors messages are always clarified. Understanding the issue will never be a problem.

Any React framework

Next, Redwood, or any other, we support them all.
WebGL app written in R3F? No problem!

Same browser for dev and test

Unlike other tools, it requires no dedicated browser to develop tests. At development time, the browser extension will handle everything in your everyday browser.

No flakiness

Our advanced retriability feature will recover tests from the most unfortunate scenarios, making sure false negatives won't waste your time.

Batteries included

Authentication? Data generation? You never have to wonder, the core solution has all the best practices baked in.

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