Effortless React testing

App Actions is a next-generation testing tool for React: declarative interface, low maintenance, test recording, enhanced stability, incremental adaptation. Supports all React renderers, including react-three-fiber.

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Built for developers

All React renderers

In React apps, your choice of the renderer is just an implementation detail. So is in App Actions. We support all renderers, including react-three-fiber.

Declarative interface

React is declarative; your tests should be too. App Actions tests use a declarative YAML format, making tests cleaner, easier to maintain, and more powerful test recording.

Low maintenance

E2E tests traditionally required a lot of maintenance. We figured out a way to separate implementation details from the test declaration better. This results in future-proof tests that only need your attention when UX changes.

Result is code

We believe test recorders shouldn't create a walled garden; the output should be high-quality code that you can check into your version control system.

Great for testers

Test recording

Writing tests is boring; let's record them. Thanks to our declarative interface, the output is easy to read and maintain.

Enhanced stability

Integrating with React has a serious benefit: the test runner can make informed decisions based on your app's state, making significantly more stable tests.

Incremental adaptation

App Actions composes great with Cypress. Gradually migration will be a breeze if you already have a Cypress codebase.

Gentle learning curve

There is no need to learn extensive APIs; test writing happens by an intuitive test recorder.

Browser extension

Our test recording tool is just a browser extension. It appears as a new tab on the standard DevTools window. You can record and save tests to your project folder with a click.

Inbox user interface

Frequently asked questions

How does this compare to Cypress?

Our current implementation is a plugin for Cypress. It will be a standalone solution in the future.

What's the benefit of using this tool instead of just plain Cypress?

App Actions tests are authored on a high level, enabling session-recording, better quality tests, and a much better experience when running and maintaining the test suite. Also, we support react-three-fiber!

What's the learning curve?

There are two parts of using App Action, the integration, and the actual test writing. The first requires learning our API, but that does not concern the whole team and, once done, requires surprisingly little attention. The testing part almost has no learning curve. In an ideal situation, the entire test writing happens as session-recording, which is just manual testing your app once.

Does the session recording work with react-three-fiber?

Yes! All features work across all React renderers.

Who finds the most value in the current version?

There are three types of teams in this category. (1) react-three-fiber users: session-recording-based tests perform much better for a non-conventional app (like non-CRUDs). (2) A team that wants to introduce testing to a large project doesn't have many tests. Writing unit tests for somebody else's code is challenging and slow. Instead, session-recording is a way better investment. (3) Teams who find writing integration tests in Cypress cumbersome or face many difficulties maintaining their current tests.

My question is not on this list. Who can answer me?

We will set up a Discord soon, but in the meantime, feel free to slide into my DMs: @miklosme.

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